Aon`s Assessment Solutions

CONSULENS represents an international company Aon`s Assessment Solutions (AAS) which is the world leader in the design and implementation of innovative online tests and questionnaires for recruitment, selection and development. AAS helps companies identify people with the right capabilities and cultural fit to deliver optimal business results.  More information about the company

With AAS online you can do:

Various ability tests. All tests in the scales suite developed by AAS in a way that it is possible to administer the tests without the presence of an administrator. Therefore all tests cannot only be used for diagnostics, but also for online recruitment and selection processes. Using AAS product finder you can choose the test that fits your needs.

AAS measures exactly those personality dimensions which are vital to the quality of your HR decisions. AAS shapes is an adaptive, competency-based questionnaire system. It provides detailed and efficient assessment of a person’s competencies as a manager, entrepreneur and expert. AAS views is an adaptive questionnaire system that covers individual, job-related values, motives and interests.

360° feedback test supports executives and managers in their professional development. Constructive feedback is a key factor in allowing managers to compare their own view of themselves with how other people see them. Through 360° feedback the managers receive information about their performance from a range of different people, so to say from several perspectives. A manager’s professional and interpersonal competencies are evaluated by superiors, peers, direct reports and others (e.g. customers or service providers).

All tests are online, so it can be carried anywhere.

Another advantage of online testing is that it is impossible to prepare in advance, and the results reflect the real situation.

AAS apply a transparent, simple and attractive pricing system for our customers:

  • a clear pay- per-use structure with upfront payment ;
  • no license costs;
  • access to all of psychometric instruments, all language versions and all reports options included in the respective price level for one price;
  • no additional charges for extra report in the respective price level;
  • free participant feedback report (if in addition to other reports generated).

All psychometric tools are priced according to a four level structure.

Standard level offers access to all elements of the AAS mapTQ system, i.e. it includes all instruments and reports. Screening and Expert levels offer less expensive, but limited access. Premium level provides access to a range of high level tools and reports and specially tailored customer reports.

The charging per candidate will happen when the first report is generated.

Contact us for more information about the tools and pricing.


Online counselling

Carl Rogers said, that „The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change“. It seems that the most difficult task is to accept and to understand yourself, therefore:

– sometimes in life we run into troubles no matter how well prepared we are;

– sometimes we get to reevaluate our values or choose in a difficult situation;

– sometimes our career don’t work even we do our best;

Maybe then is time to look at yourself? We do believe that every person deserve to feel heard and understood.

Consultation is a quality time that you give to yourself; it’s time when consultant really listens to you and you can be heard.

Consultation over the Internet is very suitable if:

  • You work a lot or simply too busy to go to counsellors office
  • do not dare to speak about your problems in face-to-face meeting
  • you do not want to be seen in counselling
  • for a variety of reasons you are unsatisfied with your professional life

We can contact on email or work using private chat room or webcam.

HR consulting

What we can do for you?

  • Screen potential and existing candidates;
  • Training and education projects;
  • Organizational effectiveness studies: systematic organization diagnostics, staff team compatibility, job satisfaction, and so on.
  • New employee adaptation and ongoing training program;
  • Consulting HR managers;
  • Retirement management and more.

We are collaborating with other companies or independent professionals, in order to develop and implement personnel management strategies.

Personnel management projects can be implemented independently, or in co-operation with company specialists.

Sometimes „a fresh look from outside“ might help you to create a better climate in your organisation. We can help you using our assessment tools, practical examples or expert’s interviews.

We can provide an assessment of the company’s human resources and their consistency with the vision, mission and business plans.


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