Online counselling

Online counselling is the professional mental health counselling services via the Internet. It could be done via email, real -time chat or video conferencing.

Although there are skeptics who say that online therapy cannot be considered therapy or could only be used as additional to the traditional face-to-face method, more research confirms that online therapy is as effective as “traditional” done in the therapist’s office.

And it certainly has some advantages:

1. Freedom to choose. You can choose any therapist, depending on the qualifications or your personal preferences, but not depending on the place you live. You can choose the more suitable time for you. When working be email, you can address your therapist any time is suitable for you.

2. More discreet. You do not need to go to the therapist office,therefore no need to worry that somebody will see you. You can also choose not to use the camera and therefore even therapist will not see you.

3. Save time and money. You don’t need to travel anywhere. Also, research shows that online therapy is more intense and goes faster, because a client is at greater ease and feels less intimidated than he would be in the traditional settings.

4. Easier to access. If you are traveling a lot or an opposite – for family or personal reasons you cannot leave your home or you live in the foreign country where service in your language is not available – then with online counseling resources you can receive culturally or linguistically relevant treatment that would not have otherwise been able to receive.

Counselling online allows you to get help when you need it, irrespective of the place where you live.